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Dive into Crabtree Consulting's impactful services through our comprehensive case studies. Witness our expertise in action with tailored solutions for both manufacturers and retail clients, showcasing successful outcomes that illustrate our mastery in addressing business challenges. We deliver tangible results and drive success for our clients.


Ensures a project is executed with precision and attention to detail, allowing upper management to focus on day-to-day operations.

Collects and organizes information from multiple departments, freeing up upper management's time for other priorities.

Takes the burden off upper management by handling meticulous projects, such as transitioning to a new software system or implementing processes for data accuracy.


Reduce reliance on the IT team for report generation and provide guidance and content direction for more efficient execution.

Build and automate customized reports for inventory management and customer-specific lists to gain deeper insights for effective decision-making.

Increase data-driven decision-making to optimize business operations, targeting weaknesses and identifying opportunities for growth.


Conducting a comprehensive market analysis on competitors' pricing to ensure our client's products are priced correctly for profitability and competitiveness in the market.


Providing the marketing team with guidelines on selling pain points that our client excels at compared to competitors, and guiding them on visually appealing strategies to entice retail clients to choose our client's products.


Developing product programs to increase the average sale price and training the sales team to understand the value proposition, enabling them to sell with confidence and maximize sales.


Conducts market analysis to determine optimal layout and design for marketing materials.

We generate data reports based on past sell-through to ensure the right products are included in marketing materials, while setting minimum and maximum levels to maintain appropriate inventory levels.


Provides pricing guidance to remain competitive with the competition and offers creative ideas that empower the end consumer to make an instant purchase.


Boost sales reps' knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the company's unique selling propositions to retailers.

Provide an outsider's perspective with extensive hands-on retail knowledge, helping sales reps think more like retailers and understand their customers better.


Equip sales reps with all the necessary tools and ammunition to confidently engage with retailers and promote the products they are selling.


Utilize strong negotiation tactics to quickly reduce aged inventory, resulting in a leaner inventory that facilitates a higher turnover rate. 

Implement data-driven decision-making processes to optimize procurement and sales strategies, enhancing overall efficiency.

Streamline operations and improve profitability by developing standardized procedures for inventory management and resource allocation.

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