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3 Tips To Prepare For A New Product Launch


May 25, 2022

Key Largo, FL--I cannot believe two of the largest trade shows of the year are right around the corner. As an exhibitor, the bulk majority, if not all, will be launching new product collections to retail buyers at the upcoming Luxury and JCK Las Vegas jewelry shows. While it is great to write orders in Vegas, are you preparing the added value of ensuring that retailers have a successful sell-through on the collection once it arrives in their showcase?

As a past retail buyer, let me share three tips to consider before launching a new collection.

1. Be prepared to provide your retail partners with high-res images and longer SEO product descriptions for the new collection they can use on their website.  More than 75-80% of consumers do their research online before going into a brick-and-mortar store. If they choose rings before the visit on the retailer’s website and your product isn’t there, your competitors already have a higher chance of winning that sale.

2. Set up a call with the marketing team in the retail store before the product arrives. Even better, set up this call directly after the order is written to allow the retailer to prepare for this new collection launch. Be sure they have all the tools to market this product locally, such as digital banners, radio scripts, billboard creatives, and magazine ads.

3. Provide retailers with in-store signage to ensure any client visiting the retailer sees your brand's presence or that specific collection. This could be duratran creatives, catalogs for the client to take home, or Invisa-view clings for the windows.


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