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Steps Jewelry Suppliers Need To Take Before Advertising A New Collection


July 06, 2022

Key Largo, FL--In marketing, it’s never wise to put your cart before your horse. What does this mean? Whether you’re advertising a new product or collection – or even just promoting an upcoming event or seasonal sale – you need to get your ducks in a row before announcing to the world what you’re offering.

We see so many mistakes being made when jewelry suppliers go to announce their new collection, like sending out a press release before it’s published on the website or launching digital banner ad campaigns that don’t link to a landing page. I urge you to be thoughtful in your processes so that you can effectively track, analyze, and optimize your next launch. Let us show you how.

First, do not market anything if you’re not going to track it. If you can’t track it, you’ll have no data to collect, and then what will you learn? Nothing. Data is king so make sure you have some form of tracking. The best place to implement tracking is on your landing pages. What you want to measure is your click rate.

And what good is a landing page if there’s no call to action? Your page visitors need an opportunity to convert. Your CTAs should be short, sweet, and to the point. Be creative with your CTAs. They should attract your visitor and make them want to learn more… but don’t just make the text, “Learn More.” If you’re not sure where to start, utilize Google by searching “How to Write the Best CTAs.”

Once your landing page is set up with tracking and a CTA in place, you’re ready to launch. Start by sending an e-mail blast to your subscribers. Then, integrate sales – have them follow up with all the e-mail “opens” to make sure they saw it and stay top-of-mind.

Moreover, you should be connecting your efforts with some sort of incentive so your audience has a reason to reach out. From there, you can offer calendar bookings at their convenience.

After everything is said and done, analyze and optimize. That tracking you implemented should give you some insight into how many people clicked vs. how many converted – this KPI is known as your conversion rate. For most industries, average conversion rates are between 2-5%. If you’re in that range, great! If not, it’s time to dig deeper.

In all, there is a clear effort required to market a new collection. We hope you’ve taken some good notes.


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