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Streamline Your Marketing


March 16, 2022

Key Largo, FL--As a lead consulting firm for some of the top jewelry brands in our industry, we find a great need for the internal marketing departments to streamline and keep the sales team in the loop on all marketing efforts.

You may ask why there is a need for this streamlining to happen and how will it benefit the company in doing so.

First, I will tell you just generally speaking you are leaving dollars on the table if your sales team isn’t informed on the existing marketing efforts.

Let me walk you through three ways to streamline marketing to sales and why.

1. Create a presentation or booklet that showcases all of the current ads running now or are ready to run and be sure to note the style numbers of pieces within the ads. If a new retail client asks the sales team about the ad, you don’t want them to seem uneducated when they don’t know what ad or piece there referencing. Also, isn’t it easier for a buyer to say yes to the product if it’s in a National Marketing campaign?

2. When marketing requests are given to the marketing team by retailers, the marketing team needs to inform the sales rep who services the retailer. You may ask why? Well, if a retailer requests a new duratran image for the showroom and they don’t have the piece in stock to show a customer, how can they sell it? Also, how can a retail buyer say no to purchasing a piece that will be marketed in their showroom?

3. Hopefully if you are running digital banners, you’re tracking these leads with a specific landing page. If you tracking these leads make sure to send these leads to the sales team to follow up with the interest from a new potential retailer. Also, if it's consumer-facing what retailer doesn’t love that you generate leads and foot traffic to their store?


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