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The Top 5 Components To A Sales Rep’s Success


October 07, 2021

Key Largo, FL--Over the past year, we've worked closer than ever with sales reps to adapt to this new way of selling and be sure they have all of the tools in their toolbox for success. The days are over where buyers just buy from the reps’ suitcases and don't look at the sell-through and price they are buying at. Buyers want and expect more from sales reps. Are you providing all the tools for your reps to meet these expectations or  are you still in the stone age thinking you just ship them products and they should just sell them?

Let me walk you through the top 5 simple components your reps need to succeed.

1. Product

Yes, it seems so simple, but it is not just product, it has to be the right product and it must make sense for presentation’s sake. For example, you might give your reps one 1/4ct diamond band and expect them to sell the five other larger carat total weights sight unseen. Odds are you will only sell the 1/4ct band, and you missed an opportunity to sell six bands due to the rep not having it in their line and the buyer not being able to visually see the difference in larger carat weights.

2. Min/Max Levels

You must have min/max levels in place and consistently be reviewing these, so your top sellers aren't out of stock. This is not only for the reps' lines but for when retailers place reorders.

3. Data

You should be feeding your reps data points to help the buyers say "yes"! For example, if the reps say to a buyer "this engagement ring sold 500 times last year" compared with just pulling it out of a suitcase saying "this is a great seller". Odds are the buyer will not only buy it but they will be more confident in their buying decision.

4. Give Them A Story

Everyone has a round halo engagement ring. How is yours different? Are the diamonds set differently? Is it uniquely set lower, so it doesn’t catch on clothing? What is different about it?

5. Support Them

Make sure the reps can focus on what they are good at, which is selling! Be sure your office staff fully supports their clients while they're traveling and make sure you always think of what added value you’re developing that they can offer their retail clients outside of product. Yes, reps can sell but they cannot build a back-end portal for retailers to order from.


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