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If You’re Not Storytelling, You’re Not Relevant


October 19, 2021

Key Largo, FL--Because of working in retail for nearly a decade I am the type to eat up a great story and experience. I remember when a Cartier sales rep came by and was sharing the story of the classic Cartier Roadster.

She told a long, drawn-out story, and I couldn’t help but buy the watch that day. She shared features of the timepiece, all inspired by automobiles. And let me tell you I am not an automobile lover, but I sure was after she described the Roadster. Each design element of the timepiece had a story from the oversized date magnification lens that is meant to recall the beautifully curved windshield glass featured on several vintage cars from the 50’s and 60’s to the indentation in the lugs housing screws with their shape being much like the headlights on a vintage Jaguar E-type.

I share the story because I want you to ask yourself what your story is behind your product? This is not only to share with your retail buyers but also for them to share with their consumers.

Is your halo set at a 40-degree angle to magnify the center diamond and make it appear 30 percent larger?

Do you alloy your own metal in house such as 19K for it to appear whiter, brighter, sparkle more, and last longer?

Is your product exclusively made in the United States?

Is your metal 100 percent recycled?

Are your diamonds ethical diamonds which have been approved by the Kimberley Process?

Are your diamonds tracked from the mine to the finger?

Are your melee diamonds all hand set for precision and longevity?

Consider this…. Every buyer already has product. Why should they buy yours?


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