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Stop Cold Calling and Know Who You Are Selling First


October 27, 2021

Key Largo, FL--As a past retail buyer, I remember the number of cold calls, emails, and drop-ins I received daily from new suppliers trying to earn our business and sell us products.

Across the board, the pickup lines were all fairly similar. In most cases, it went like "Hi, I’m Ken from X company. We are a manufacturer from New York, and we sell semi-mounts."

This statement always made me cringe because as a retail buyer I needed more semi-mounts like I needed more holes in my head.

So, if you’re a "Ken" kind of person, let me share 3 secrets of how to better get the attention of a new potential retail buyer.

1. Research

Take the time to visit the retailer’s website to see their current product offering, pricing, and learn what’s dear to them such as a local charity they support. Understanding their product offering and pricing will not only help you know what you’re up against, but it will also give you a better direction as to what product you should show them.

2. Solution

Are you offering them a solution to a problem they are currently having? Are you offering them a branded diamond that they could have the exclusive on that will help them compete with online? Can you share at any given time the stage at which the order is in the process such as casting, setting, or polishing so the consumer feels more part of the process!

3. Added Value

Everyone has a product. Everyone has a round halo. What are you offering outside of the product? Do you have a backend portal that shows pricing and has the capability for them to order products at any given time?

So next time before you pick up the phone to cold call a retailer or walk into their door, do some research, know what product you are showing, and what solution you are offering them to their current problem.  


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