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Tips to Building a Relationship with Retail Sales Associates


December 21, 2021

Key Largo, FL--While it’s great to have an existing clientele of authorized retail partners or continually open new doors you must build trust and a following with the retail sales associates within those doors. They have thousands of other products to sell besides yours so why should they sell your brand? Below I break down my top four tips to win the sales associates over and give them more of a reason to sell your product over your competitors. 

1. Learn Their World 

The Sales Associates are the ones selling your product. Do you know what it takes to sell a ring behind the counter? Do you know some consumers come in six times before buying? Do you know what price the large e-commerce players are selling similar products for and what the difference is in the quality? If you expect them to sell your product you better know the journey and be training them or helping them overcome the objections when consumers are comparing products.

2. Follow Their Journey 

When you meet the sales team whether it be in person or via zoom be sure to notate or request from the manager a list of the first and last names of all sales associates. When you're done with your day go find and follow them on social media. Get to know them personally outside of the work world. Comment when they are celebrating occasions or just having fun with the family. Also on your next visit, the ease of having a conversation based on their personal life will have you two chatting like they're one of your oldest childhood friends.

3. Celebrate The Wins 

When you see a sales associate reports a sale due to your incentive program process reach out to them to celebrate the win! It shows your pulse is on their success and any sale is a big deal.

4. Handwritten Cards Still Win! 

If your pulse is on the retailer’s business and you’re following their personal life on social media don’t just comment, send them a card. Yes, you can comment happy birthday on Facebook but if you go a step further and send them a card it goes a long way!


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